radundtour.de, 2023/03/22
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Dream job “bicycle” – Here you will find your vocation

Spring is just around the corner, the number of cyclists on the roads is increasing and the demand in the bicycle shops is also rising day by day. A question that is particularly preying on Mailin’s mind today at the beginning of the German podcast: Am I mistaken, or does nobody buy a bicycle anymore?

Of course, her question alludes to the fact that more and more customers are using job bike leasing. In a small excursus, you will learn why every company today should offer leasing.
Employee satisfaction is the keyword.
By the way, there are particularly many satisfied employees in the cycle industry.
In the last episode, you have already listened to two exciting interviews and gained insights into the labour force campaign of the German service and bicycle association VSF. Today, three other interview guests expect you on this topic. You will learn about the multiple options and the many professions in the industry.
My guests:
• Dirk Zedler from Zedler-Group
• Gunnar Schmidt from gunnar.derCoach
• Thomas Hasse, city planner of the City of Cuxhaven
In the interviews we will answer the following questions for you:
Do I have to have the topic “bicycle” at my fingertips, if I want to work in the cycle industry? How do I become a city planner? How much money do I earn in the cycle industry? What kind of jobs are there besides selling, workshop and manufacture? How do I become an expert? What are the preconditions to get a foothold in the cycle industry?
German podcast:
Listen to Dirk Zedler from minute 7:50 on