EMTB 12/2021
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Recall: E-Thirteen cranks on Shimano motor

Bicycle manufacturer Stevens recalls some 2021 models of the E-Inception series on which E-Thirteen cranks and a Shimano EP8-drive is assembled. Several models showed cracks in the drive shaft of the motor. But other manufacturers with the combination E-Thirteen/Shimano are also concerned. Stevens is, however, the only one to give out an official warning to their customers. One reader reports indignantly that the crank on his Liteville had fallen off when riding down the stairs. We asked bicycle expert Dirk Zedler what worried customers can do.


Reply by Dirk Zedler, bicycle expert:
“For months, posts with pictures that leave no questions unanswered have been circulating on the net. Regardless of the e-MTB manufacturer, the combination of E-Thirteen cranks with Shimano EP8 motors involves risks. Sometimes the cranks come loose, sometimes the shafts break in sharp edges. The result is the same: If the crank including pedal falls off, there is a risk of accident with unforeseeable consequences. Stevens’ measure to protect the riders is consistent and right. The fact that other manufacturers concerned remain quiet reflects badly on them. Putting the health of customers deliberately at risk is irresponsible in my view. In any case, riders should ask the manufacturer via the dealer what measures are being considered. It would not be the first time that manufacturers rethink under the pressure of requests.”

The question was asked by: Josh Welz