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Zedler-Institut bicycle/e-bike testing systems for your company

You develop and produce bicycle components in larger quantities? Then it may be worth building up your own test laboratory. Apart from the great advantage to know already in advance how customers will feel about new bicycle frames, forks and other components and how these parts will possibly be rated by bicycle magazines, in particular when they use similar test procedures, the option to test in your own test laboratory might be more economical than having the parts tested in our laboratory.

That’s how you can test on the spot, just like the leading European specialist magazines do, on bicycle testing systems identical in construction.

In addition, you take advantage of the experiences from many thousands of measured values of the major competitors collected by us readily and always included updated in the scope of delivery of the testing systems.


These bicycle testing systems can be purchased for testing on your own:

  • GEO –  determination of geometry and STW ("Stiffness-to-Weight” factor)
  • GST –  fork stiffness and fork comfort
  • KOM – frame comfort
  • KST –  crank stiffness
  • LT –    coating test (quality)
  • LRS II –  wheel stiffness and wheel inertia
  • LKS – head tube stiffness
  • TLS II – bottom bracket stiffness



Standardised weight

"Standardised weight" means the weight of the frame ready for assembly. That means rear derailleur hanger, seat clamp, front derailleur mount or clamp and cable guide under the bottom bracket are included.


At Zedler – Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit GmbH the measurements and tests are performed exclusively on state-of-the-art precision machines undergoing regular checks and maintenance. Because only with weight determination to the gram, the indication of STW makes sense at all.


Every stiffness value is based on several measurements, i.e. the unit under test is mounted several times on the testing system with two measurements at least being taken respectively.

This is to eliminate various influences, such as distortions etc. To assess the resistance against elastic deformation 6 individual measurements to obtain the respective value are carried out at least.


Stiffness-to-Weight (STW) is a calculated key figure indicating the ratio of stiffness per kilogram material. This key figure of material utilisation is an indicator for the structural performance and mainly of interest with high-end sports equipment where a careful treatment by users can be assumed.

To ensure a benchmarking of the measured frame with regard to STW, the weight is standardised and exclusively related to frames ready for assembly.


The measurements are carried out in accordance with the indicated standards on machines identical in construction. Deviations from values that are published in the specialist magazines of Delius-Klasing Verlag are either within the measurement inaccuracies (+/- 2 %) or, in the case of major deviations, to be attributed to deviating frame sizes or modified designs.

The results are, however, not comparable to values determined by means of other test stands that are not absolutely identical in construction! The numerical result is influenced to a considerable extent by the way the unit under test is mounted and by the actual measuring point!

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Customer feedbacks

"Good news: Test stand arrived in time, setup without problems (perfectly numbered etc.)."

We’d built solid tables according to Mr Leyrer’s specifications (thick wooden boards with solid steel base), everything is perfect.

Yesterday, after the setup we directly made the first measurements, everybody was happy, because everything worked smoothly from the beginning."

"Hi Mr Zedler, we’re getting on. We’re busy working with the devices and doing weightlifting. In doing so, I strictly stick to what I learned from you and I can handle it very well."

"We are very happy with the stiffness test stands. Even the digital version that you have long since recommended to us is perfect in practice. Thanks a lot for that!"

"The test systems is already arrived our factory this afternoon with very well protected packing."