TOUR 10/2017

Bicycle transport with disc brake

Reader’s question

My new Cannondale SuperX has a Shimano Di2 gear system and hydraulic disc brakes. Soon, I will make a trip into the mountains with my own car and I would like to transport my bike in the boot of my SUV in lying position. In one of the last TOUR issues I read that air can also enter into the system when transporting the bike in lying position. What can I do to prevent that this will happen, if I take my bike on a 700 kilometre long trip?

Reply by Dirk Zedler, TOUR technology expert and bicycle expert

Simply take a very tight rubber for each handlebar end and tie it around the brake lever, as if you would pull the levers. Then you will have pressure in the system, which remains free of air as a consequence. If you remove the wheels, you have to mount brake pad distance holders to the disc brake first, before pulling the brake lever. Do not tighten the rubber around the brake lever before. Make sure that the system remains free of air.

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