Newsletter BVMW e.V., November 12, 2021
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Cheap pedelecs on TV | BVMW member Zedler-Institut from Ludwigsburg tests three cheap bicycles

E-bikes are usually quite expensive. For this reason, the test workshop of the Zedler-Group’s bicycle experts tests e-bikes for less than 1000 Euros. Can you also get a good bike for little money?

In times like these, with an exploding e-bike and e-MTB market the average prices of all bicycles are reaching levels that could hardly be hoped for and with the only shortcoming of delivery problems at the moment, suppliers of cheap brands also see their opportunity. Whereas the well-known special interest magazines as well as for ex. the German news magazine Focus and the German foundation for comparative product testing (Stiftung Warentest) usually take a critical look on high-value e-bikes, virtually no one examines the cheap offers of DIY stores and online shopping marketplaces.

The report that was filmed in the test workshop of Zedler-Institut focused on the question: “How much e-bike do you get for little money?”:

See the report (6 min):


Author: Petra Hetzel

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