TOUR 04/2018

Do bicycle brakes have to be checked by a technical control board?

Reader’s question

A question addressed to the technology department: Why do have road bike brake systems and all components not have to be checked by a technical control board?

Reply by Dirk Zedler, TOUR technology expert and bicycle expert

The bicycle is neither a motor vehicle, nor a vehicle that needs to be registered. It is subject to laws applicable all over Europe, e.g. the Product Liability Act and the Product Safety Act. Furthermore, there are standards for the bicycle that have to be complied with. These standards represent no more than a minimum requirement which has to be completed by the manufacturer with extended tests according to the intended use of the bicycle and the loads specified for the bicycle. After all, however, it is the manufacturer’s diligence to ensure the safety of the product before launching it on the market. Among the manufacturers there are different approaches to this issue, but there has been a clear professionalization throughout the past years.

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