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German regional channel SWR: used e-bikes in the workshop check

Even the general media have recently become aware of the fact that electric-assisted bikes have firmly established themselves as the motor of the sustainable change in mobility. But the downsides, such as spare parts shortages, long waiting times in the workshops and a lack of skilled workers, are also noticed.

SWR's consumer magazine Marktcheck deals with the alarming results in the e-bike workshop test. 

SWR editor Beate Bastian has been searching for causes and solutions in the industry. Part of the filming was a random workshop test in which electric-assisted bikes were sent for service after several years of use.

To assess the condition before and especially after the dealer inspections, SWR television took the electric-assisted bikes to the test workshop of Zedler Group and asked the publicly appointed and sworn bicycle and e-bike expert Dirk Zedler for his expertise.

The result of the filming, which lasted several weeks, is announced by SWR under the topic “Mangelhaft und gefährlich: erschreckende Ergebnisse beim E-Bike-Werkstatt-Test“ (Deficient and dangerous: alarming results of the e-bike workshop test).

Author: Tobias Jochims

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