RadMarkt 10/2017

Guidelines for parts replacement on speed pedelecs established

E-bikes/pedelecs with CE marking and pedal assistance of up to 25 kmh/15.5 mph are subject to the Machinery Directive. For this reason components must not be replaced at will. Therefore guidelines for the parts replacement of e-bikes/pedelecs 25/15.5 were published by the German bicycle association ZIV and the German service and bicycle association VSF in collaboration with Zedler-Institut and the umbrella organization for German industry guilds BIV.

These guidelines are to be considered as recommendation to act, because they clearly stipulate what bicycle dealers and workshops are allowed to modify on vehicles and for which components they have to ask for the approval of the vehicle manufacturers and/or the system providers. Recently, the German associations ZIV, VSF, BIV, Zedler-Institut, Velotech and TUEV Rhineland also worked out such guidelines for the parts replacement on speed e-bikes/pedelecs with a pedal assistance of up to 45 kmh/28mph. Because speed pedelecs are classified as motor vehicles and subject to the EU Directive 2002/24/EC or the EU Regulation no. 168/2013. Click here to download for free the guidelines in German, English and French. Please find the respective links in the article on our homepage. www.radmarkt.de

Author: Jo Beckendorff

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