, 2021/12/03

Humbly into the turn of the year

The coronavirus has pretty much turned the globally connected bicycle industry upside down. We talk to Dirk Zedler and give a summary after two years of Covid. Sustainability in the bicycle production is the topic we discuss with Anja Krueger.

The German “Antritt” (Acceleration) podcast of the German podcast radio “” is about bicycles in all their facets and, of course, about bicycle people.

No matter whether sports equipment or fun machine, means of transport or motorhome: Our podcast covers a broad range and makes audible as diverse a range of voices from the world of cycling as possible. We look at the big issues and the small moments from various angles and have chain oil in our blood, as it should be.

These are the topics we are dealing with in the first December issue 2021:


Dirk Zedler about the effects of Covid in the bicycle industry

It is now almost two years that the Covid-19 issue has been occupying us in many areas of life. The pandemic has pretty much turned our everyday lives upside down, and this also applies to the globally connected bicycle industry. A peak in demand meets production and transport problems, all in all many bicycle companies and dealers are struggling with delivery problems. But there are also more long-term effects. We talk to Dirk Zedler of Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit in Ludwigsburg about the effects of nearly two years of the pandemic on the bicycle and the mood in the industry shortly before the turn of the year.

Dirk Zedler über Corona-Effekte in der Fahrradbranche
30:26 minutes


Moderation of the talk: Gerolf Meyer and Christian Bollert

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