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Pinion develops gearbox for commercial cargo bikes

Gearbox manufacturer Pinion (Denkendorf) develops gearboxes specifically for application in commercial cargo bikes. The automobile serves as model.

The cargo bike manufacturer Tricargo assembles Pinion gearboxes.

Pinion has adapted the proven gearboxes to the requirements of logistics companies and fleet operators, because in the heavy goods sector, frames and parts of cargo bikes have to withstand heavier loads. Safety, user-friendliness, reliability and, last but not least, cost control are also important aspects.

“The commercially used cargo bike can no longer be considered a bicycle. Intensity of use and high loads make the heavy-duty cargo bike a vehicle based on automotive technology,” explains Dirk Stölting, Head of Marketing & Design at Pinion.

He may meet with the approval of safety experts. The fact that cargo bikes beyond a total weight of 300 kg should no longer be considered bicycles is something that also Dirk Zedler has already claimed. This is opposed by the demands of Germany’s cycle logistics association.

For the use in the commercial and industrial sector Pinion created Pinion Industrial and presents with the “T-Line” robust gearboxes for heavy-duty bicycles. The “T-Line” gearboxes are equipped with a neutral gear option. This allows the reverse movement of the bicycle without the crank arms rotating backwards. Besides technical unique features Pinion also offers customized services and accessories for commercial customers and fleet operators. In addition, the Denkendorf company offers specific service concepts for the commercial use.

The gearbox is designed for long-term use with loads up to a maximum input torque of 250 Nm. Since more than one year Pinion has been cooperating with vehicle manufacturers in the heavy-duty cargo bike sector.

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Author: Tillman Lambert
Photo: Pinion

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