Seat post test in TOUR 12/2018: Test set-up and types of damage

Our extensive seat post tests in TOUR 12/2018 brought to light the weak points of many test samples. Details as to the test set-up and evidence of all types of damage are given further below.

First the candidates passed a lighter endurance load test in accordance with the ISO standard. The samples that did not pass this test with more than one sample were excluded from evaluation.

The following load spectrum was passed by new test samples of the candidates. It was developed by test institute Zedler and TOUR and assumes higher, but realistic loads on the basis of real data measurements. For this test load is partly applied in the front area during the load cycle simulating the case that the cyclist sits on the saddle nose when a shock occurs.
Nearly all seat posts showed some kind of defect during or after the harder TOUR endurance test. The Specialized and Syntace seat posts were the only ones that passed the test without problems. Most defects however have a non-critical course and are repairable; therefore the seat posts were marked after all. No more than a few of them were affected by safety-related failures.

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Author: Jens Klötzer


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