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STEVENS dealer training: Far more than tips for the day-to-day-business

About 80 Stevens dealers attended the Stevens training course from November 12 to 13 in a hotel at Hamburg’s Elbbridges. Motto of the meanwhile forth training course: Customer loyalty and business optimization.

About 80 dealers attended the forth Stevens training course.

According to the Hamburg supplier, the training topics deliberately included far more than technical product training. In this regard, the Stevens representative Marco Wolint charged with the organization and chairing the dealer training stated in his role as Head of Technical Customer Service: “Our dealers have a good technical knowledge. We therefore decided to focus on training topics dealing with the improvement of processes and long-term planning.”

The following questions were subject to discussion: How to successfully set up your bicycle shop at long term? How can a sales conversation run ideally? What are the demands of modern pedelec customers? What are the pitfalls of warranty questions and contract law? What are the chances of digitisation for retailers?

The speakers were not only experts from the cycle industry, but also from other business fields. They were to give interesting impetus to the participating bicycle dealers. Stevens dealer Markus Unger of Vit:Bikes from Munic, for example, spoke about business motivation and sales training. Dirk Zedler of Zedler-Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit informed about the demanding attitude of today’s pedelec customers. The board member of the German service and bicycle association VSF and Managing Director of Rad & Tour, Thorsten Larschow from Cuxhaven reported about staff acquisition and the certified workshop. Taking account of the topic light, Frank Regge of Busch und Mueller gave an overview as to the current German Road Traffic Licensing Regulation.

With regard to the topics going beyond the everyday business organization, Dieter Kannenberg from Flow-Consulting presented guidelines for a long-term business restructuring. Furthermore, he informed about the possibilities of planning the business succession. In this context lawyer Daniel Wuhrmann gave an overview of legal backgrounds in relation to warranty rights and contract law. And Nikolas von Haugwitz of Hanseatischer Wein & Sekt Kontor from Hamburg (Hawesko GmbH) pointed out the chances of digitisation in the retail trade.

Furthermore, the Stevens development engineers Thomas Marquardt and Georgios Wenetiadis described the development of the Stevens PowerTube pedelecs from the first idea to the e-bike in series.

The organiser’s conclusion: “The discussions were very lively and at a high professional level.” At the same time the atmosphere had allegedly been very pleasant. Direct quote Wolint: “Actually as always when Stevens dealers meet.”

Author: Jo Beckendorff/Stevens,
Photo: Stevens


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