Bietigheimer Zeitung, 2018/01/19

The entire world of bicycle

Sachsenheim/Ludwigsburg. Connected with a project around the topic 200 years of bicycle ninth graders of the Junior-Engineer-Academy of Sachsemheim’s Lichtenstern Gymnasium visited Dirk Zedler’s institute for bicycle technology and safety in Ludwigsburg.

Pupils of the Junior-Engineer-Academy of Sachsemheim’s Lichtenstern Gymnasium in the test lab of the Zedler institute

After his mechanical engineering studies and first activities in the two-wheeler industry Dirk Zedler, fascinated by the bicycle, dedicated himself to the technical safety of bicycles, developed his first test stand in 1993 and has been working as bicycle expert since these days, as communicated in a statement. Besides the business fields expert’s reports and testing technology, Zedler draws up user manuals and writes critical journalistic articles on the issue bicycle technology which are based on the numerous accident analyses. In the institute mechanical engineers, bicycle mechanics, industrial mechanics, specialised journalists, graphic designers and translators are working hand in hand. With the e-bike boom the market gained a new dynamic and that is why Zedler offers specific test procedures for pedelecs.

Author: BZ
Foto: Zedler

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