Riding characteristics and batch quality – Accurate testing and benchmarking

Bicycles and e-bikes are on the move, often every day and on varying surfaces. Our PERFORMANCE testing systems measure their riding characteristics as well as the characteristics of individual components. They provide measurement values, such as head tube stiffness, i.e. riding stability and comfort, under comparable conditions.

As a result, you obtain from us reproducible figures of riding safety and performance including the "Stiffness-to-Weight" factor (STW), a term which was coined by us, plus precise benchmarking with products of competitors and the test results of various bicycle magazines.

In addition, we check for you with our PERFORMANCE systems, whether a production batch is of continuously high quality.

Our further SAFETY testing services in the accredited test laboratory ensure reliable tests in accordance with important standards for electric bicycles/e-bikes, bicycles and transportation/cargo bikes, such as the DIN EN ISO 4210, the DIN EN ISO 8098, the DIN EN ISO 11243, the DIN EN 15194 and the DIN 79010 standards. Where necessary and reasonable, the standards are supplemented by company-own test criteria.

These are based on our longstanding accident analyses and were verified and validated with scientific support by universities. You find a detailed list comprising the current scope of accreditation in the (German) annex tot he certificate and in the (German) internal annex to the flexible scope of application.

Siegel - das den erreichten Sicherheitslevel ausweist

PERFORMANCE – Turning riding characteristics into figures

With our PERFORMANCE series we test bicycle frames, forks and components mainly for stiffness and geometry. This allows us to make precise statements as to the riding behaviour without time-consuming assembly and long test runs on varying terrains.

At this point the criteria of active riding safety and bicycle performance gain particular importance as a result of the faster moving e-bikes beyond the range of sports bicycle. With our stiffness measurements we can also test, whether the quality of a production batch of carbon components fully complies with your specifications and whether there is a large spreading.

Our tests performed on the testing systems of the PERFORMANCE series provide precise and absolutely comparable measurement values to which Europe’s leading bicycle magazines refer to for their benchmarking.

We are happy that the values measured with our machines are frequently taken as reference. Not for nothing the “Stiffness-to-Weight” factor implemented in 1994 upon our influence as a measure of constructive intelligence today is an established term of quality in the world of bicycles.

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Why are these tests so important?


In 1994 we defined the "Stiffness-to-Weight" factor, the measure of constructive intelligence which is the base for our measurements.


With our measurement results we turn riding characteristics into figures and make them comparable.

Safe riding

By measuring head tube stiffness, fork and bottom bracket stiffness, our PERFORMANCE systems determine the riding stability and thus active riding safety.


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