Quality for certain: Determination of torque values and assembly instructions

Even though it sounds trivial, it’s (unfortunately) true: tight is followed by broken. It is therefore advisable and may be accident-avoiding to determine reasonable torque values and assembly instructions for component groups.

We have tried and tested test rhythms for years, also and in particular for high-end products made of aluminium and carbon. Because precision and compatibility directly affect rider satisfaction and failure prevention. Besides the quality assurance tests, our portfolio also includes further tests in the field of accuracy, coating tests and various functional tests.

Siegel - das den erreichten Sicherheitslevel ausweist


We determine torque values and compatibility data for:

  • Bicycle frames
  • Bicycle forks (fork steerers)
  • Framesets
  • Stems and handlebars
  • Seat posts and saddles
QUALITY – Qualität sichern, Montagefehler vermeiden