Innovative, precise testing systems for tailor-made solutions

Overloads, shocks, riding mistakes – that’s what bicycle frames and components must endure. We test on test stands simulating in fast motion the fatigue strength and the foreseeable misuse of bicycle components, to identify and exclude such scenarios and their possible consequences prior to real riding.

Thanks to precise, innovative and reliable testing systems we offer tailor-made solutions for (nearly) all challenges of modern, dynamic test requirements, i.e. for bicycles and pedelecs as well as for their components. Depending on the successfully passed tests, your products will obtain test seals upon request documenting the safety level achieved.

Siegel - das den erreichten Sicherheitslevel ausweist

Test seals for passed SAFETY tests

Since the end of 2012, Zedler-Institut has been supplying test seals for successfully passed tests of mountain bike, road racing, trekking and pedelec frames as well as components.

The new test seals are available in four categories which are classified according to the requirements of the different SAFETY tests.

For passed ISO/EN or Basic tests you will obtain the grey test seal.

Customers obtain the bronze seal for the fulfilment of the superior level Advanced requirements.

The silver seal is granted for the successful passing of Advanced Plus tests. This category meets the requirements of higher loads of some bicycle categories, such as mountain bikes and pedelecs.

Gold is reserved for products which successfully met the test requirements of the Multiload tests.

Multiload stands for block program tests reflecting reality much closer than current single-step tests can, e.g. of the ISO/EN standard. On the basis of the current state of research and our wealth of experience we already offer Multiload tests for handlebar-stems and seat posts. In consideration of the latest research results we are currently working on offering Multiload also for forks and frames in the near future.

We should be pleased to offer you the respective test seal for your products, i.e. customized to your brand and type.