Innovative, precise testing systems for tailor-made solutions

Overloads, shocks, riding mistakes – that’s what bicycle frames and components must endure. We test on test stands simulating in fast motion the fatigue strength and the foreseeable misuse of bicycle components, to identify and exclude such scenarios and their possible consequences prior to real riding.

Thanks to precise, innovative and reliable testing systems we offer tailor-made solutions for (nearly) all challenges of modern, dynamic test requirements, i.e. for bicycles and pedelecs as well as for their components. Depending on the successfully passed tests, your products will obtain test seals upon request documenting the safety level achieved.

Our testing services in the accredited test laboratory ensure reliable tests in accordance with important standards for electric bicycles/e-bikes, bicycles and transportation/cargo bikes, such as the DIN EN ISO 4210, the DIN EN ISO 8098, the DIN EN ISO 11243, the DIN EN 15194 and the DIN 79010 standards. Where necessary and reasonable, the standards are supplemented by company-own test criteria.

These are based on our longstanding accident analyses and were verified and validated with scientific support by universities and colleges. You find a detailed list comprising the current scope of accreditation in the (German) annex to the certificate and in the (German) internal annex to the flexible scope of application.

SAFETY – tests

We test for you fatigue strength, impact behaviour and overload in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 4210, DIN EN 15194 and the DIN 79010 standards:

  • Bicycle and e-bike frames
  • Bicycle and e-bike forks
  • Framesets
  • Stems
  • Handlebars
  • Cranksets (crank and bottom bracket)
  • Seat posts
  • Saddles
  • Wheels
  • Grips
  • Pedals
  • Fully-assembled bicycles and e-bikes

In addition, we test for you fatigue strength, impact behaviour and overload:

  • Luggage carriers/pannier racks – in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 11243 standard
  • Bells – in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 33946 standard

For detailed information on SAFETY testing services see our product portfolio.