, 2023/02/27
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VSF workshop conference as guest at Paul Lange

Exchange and further development – All-Ride certified specialist dealers meet annually for an intensive exchange and to further develop the workshop concept. For the second time, this meeting took place in Stuttgart at the invitation of Paul Lange & Co.

40 workshop employees from 35 VSF-All-Ride companies accepted the invitation to this workshop conference. The conference started with a visit to Zedler – Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit GmbH where expert’s reports for bicycles have been prepared for more than 20 years. The entire institute and the testing techniques were presented to the dealers. The final dinner of the All-Ride dealers was used for an intensive exchange of knowledge and experience.

The following day, the actual workshop conference started at Paul Lange's training and workshop facilities. Managing Director Bernhard Lange affirmed in his welcome address the valuable further cooperation of the two All-Ride and Paul Lange workshop concepts. The topics that were focussed on and discussed in the following were concepts relating to the Shimano workshop equipment, bike wash facilities for the trade, flat-rate offers and online appointments as well as changes to the All-Ride audit form. In addition, Ingo Witte presented an update of the VSF workstation for which a new production plant means further development in several details and shorter delivery times.

Ingo Witte explained the significance of the VSF workshop conference and the core of the All-Ride idea: “The workshop conference is a get-together of dealers who have understood that the workshop makes a significant contribution to the overall turnover of their companies. As an All-Ride certified workshop, they work according to principles that render exactly that possible. It is not for nothing that the All-Ride seal is considered the benchmark in Germany.”

Witte continues: “By structuring the bicycle workshop according to the All-Ride concept, it is easier for companies to meet the high demand for repair services. So they manage significantly more than other workshops in the same time. Moreover, these companies are real pioneers in the change in mobility: The more repairs I create as a bike shop, the more people I keep on the saddle, the more mobility by bike.”

Author: Jürgen Wetzstein
Photo: VSF.all-ride