Zedler testing: Accredited state-of-the-art bicycle and EPAC/e-bike testing technology

The durability and the safety of your products are our main concern. For this reason we have developed, built and sold our test stands since 1994 and optimized them continuously. With precise, innovative and reliable testing systems we offer tailor-made solutions for nearly all requirements of modern mechanical bicycle, e-bike and bicycle component testing. For years now we have not only been among the leading providers of testing services, but also supplying the laboratories of trendsetting bicycle manufacturers and magazines, such as TOUR, BIKE or E-BIKE, with testing systems.

Tests in the accredited bicycle/EPAC/e-bike test laboratories of Zedler-Institut are performed in accordance with the following standards:
DIN EN ISO 4210:2023-05 - DIN EN ISO 8098:2014-10 - DIN EN ISO 11243:2016-12 - ISO 5775-1:2014-09 - DIN EN 15194:2018-11 - DIN EN 16054:2012-11 - DIN EN 71-1:2018-12 - DIN 79010:2020-02 – DIN EN 17404:2022.

You as bicycle manufacturer and importer have the considerable advantage of already knowing in advance how customers will feel about new bicycle frames, forks and other components and how bicycle magazines will mark them, especially when they use similar testing methods. This saves you from unpleasant or even legally relevant surprises, as you can modify and optimize your product at prototype stage already.

The test lab is accredited by Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS), the national accreditation body of the Federal Republic of Germany, according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-03 for bicycles and EPACs/e-bikes. The latest scope of accreditation is specified in the (German) annex to the certificate and in the (German) internal annex to the flexible scope of application.

Zedler-Testing: Fahrrad und E-Bike-Prüftechnik auf höchstem Niveau


Fatigue strength and thus safety for your bicycles and bicycle components – that’s what you obtain with our SAFETY tests.


Turning riding characteristics into reliable figures – that's what our PERFORMANCE testing systems do.


Our QUALITY tests offer facts regarding precision and component compatibility.

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Testing Technology and Services – 3:45 minutes

11 reasons for testing at Zedler-Institut

Test reports from the accredited test laboratory

For many years, the testing systems and test methods we have developed ourselves have been setting global standards, alongside and above the standards. The special thing with the accreditation of our test laboratory is that the scope includes not only the normative tests, but also the tests in our SAFETY and PERFORMANCE categories - manifested in a (German) 7-page annex to the accreditation certificate.

48 hours promise

Usually, the first test at least piece is built on the first testing system directly upon receipt, i.e. the very day. This presupposes that all parts required were delivered. Our guarantee includes that this will be the case 48 hours upon delivery at the latest.
Normally, the test report for your test pieces will then be made available to you after three to four working days.

24/7 - We perform tests around the clock

Our testing systems are not only controlled, but also regulated. They have a sensitive failure recording which prevents the test pieces from being destroyed. As the testing system stops upon occurrence of the first crack. For this reason our testing systems are running not only over night, but the entire week around the clock. Our team is prepared to fit the testing systems even during the weekend.

Tailor-made solutions for nearly all test requirements

With our modern, mechanical test procedures we are able to simulate nearly any situation typical for bicycles. In the intensity from standard requirements via typical processes in a bicycle service life to alternating extreme loads. This does not only apply to component combinations, but also to individual components.

Pioneers in testing technology for more than 20 years

From the very beginning our testing technology has set milestones in the processes of improving the bicycle. Common, everyday terms in the cycle industry used all over the world, such as stiffness-to-weight or head tube stiffness, are based on our developments. In doing so we do not only test, but continuously check and further develop our methods and our internally developed and manufactured testing systems in accordance with scientific findings.

Failure in the field/practice as benchmark for laboratory tests

The wealth of experience from thousands of expert reports and the analyses of bicycle damage is reflected in our realistic testing systems and test methods. Possible defect scenarios which would remain undetected with tests in accordance with the standard are included in our complementary tests.

Orientation on purpose of use and permissible weight

ISO and EN standards are a basis, but definitely no guarantee for durable bicycles and e-bikes. Our tests complete missing load types and go beyond the standard requirements in terms of loads. In this connection we take account of the purpose of use as well as the permissible total weight and the approval for trailers.
We should be pleased to discuss with you the conditions your component, bicycle or e-bike shall be approved for.

Objective and documented measurement results

We not only send out our test riders on the road or off-road, but reproduce reality in the laboratory. This is how we can test your products objectively under realistic conditions or in quick motion.

Scientific (further) development of test methods

We work with comprehensive scientific know-how which is not only ensured by the recognized company founder Dirk Zedler with his team of engineers, but also by permanent cooperations with universities and associations.

Reliability and predictability

For years now we have been one of the leading providers of testing services and systems. We not only fit the laboratories of trendsetting bicycle manufacturers, but also the test labs of the leading bicycle magazines, such as TOUR, BIKE, FREERIDE and MYBIKE. You can therefore check during product development already how your bicycle or component will come off in the magazine test or on the market.

Sustainable testing

Resource saving testing is not just a “greenwashing” phrase in our company. For many years now we have been working with certified green electricity from hydropower supplied by the electricity plant EWS Schoenau in the Black Forest. Since we have moved into our new energy-efficient building our 65-kg-peak photovoltaic system on the roof supplies about 40 % of the company power consumption.
The waste heat of the three compressors generating the huge quantities of compressed air required for our testing systems are used by us for heating the service water, for example for the showers after cycling and for the heating.

Test seals for your products